Upcycled projects

February 10th, 2014

I am in love with diy and upcycled projects. But I never seem to get any done. I could spend days on Pinterest – even go without eating – NOT. If I only accomplished 1/22 of 1% of the ideas I would be crafting day and night for the rest of my life. I would love to find a flea/antique market where things would sell. Right now I am in 2 different ones but basically I am paying storage. Made $20 this month — wow I am in the big money now. Decided that since I am not making money I would drop out of one. Moved all the stuff out a couple of days ago. Then went down to the other one to pick up my money for the month. Only to find out that one is closing at the end of the month. So I went from 2 spaces to no spaces. Maybe I will reconsider the one I just moved out of.:???:

Every time I run across a piece of furniture that I can see how great it would look if I reinvented it I grab it up – it has to be cheap or free of course. So far my barn is full. So much “stuff” no space left to work. Told Becca (granddaughter staying to take care of me while recovering from car accident) that we just need to clean out my studio and have an indoor garage sale. Make more money in a shorter time – besides get rid of a lot of my clutter. My daughter has told me I can’t die until I get my house and barn cleaned out. By the way she isn’t talking about dirt – she means stuff.  Guess I will live to be 200.

One of the projects that I would love to do is to repaint an old chest to look like old suitcases. Check out the link below.


Guess I will start tagging some of my “treasures” for my flea market space in Joplin that I just rented. Maybe I can sell something in a bigger town. Wish me luck.;-)


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Weather or not!

January 25th, 2014

When I was very young – about a hundred years ago – an old man said “bad weather coming I can feel it in my bones”. I thought how stupid – but now I totally understand what he was saying. M body from head to toes is really yelling is really screaming at me today. Checked the weather forecast and looks like it is going to be fairly nice, just cold.  BTW – I think the old man was younger than I am now. LOL.

If I were in charge I would declare winter to be over and no tornado season this year. It used to be we had spring following winter, but now it is just daily tornado warnings.

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January 24th, 2014

I am the queen of clutter and organized disorder. I usually start with one project but I am easily distracted and end up doing something completely different. Well, actually that is generally my life – I don’t make plans (except Sunday morning) because life rarely goes according to plan. It drives my sister crazy. Generally I tell her “I will be there when you see me”. Someone said “If you want to make God laugh make a plan” He must spend lots of time laughing. LOL.

We are considering moving closer to the kids so I am trying to get rid of things and get the house ready to be appraised. At this point it would either take a fleet of semi trucks or a 21 day auction before we could move.

I am working on slowly cleaning out the clutter in my dining room. Well, actually there is no dining in that room. I am pretty sure the top of the table is oak, I base that on the fact that the chairs and base are oak. At this point the top has stacks of “stuff”.  I am working on putting things away where it belongs or getting rid of it. Sounds like an easy job, but it really isn’t.  I just seem to move my stacks around instead of actually dealing with them. When I was cleaning out a drawer I came across a bunch of cards that I have received over the years – what do you do with them? You don’t want to throw them away because the thought or the person means something to you.  Right now they all go into an antique chest that I have – basically just moved a pile of clutter to another place, but at least it is out of sight. LOL. Any suggestions gladly accepted.

On a rare occasion I may work for hours and unless you were watching me you wouldn’t have a clue that I did anything. My tip for today is do at least one project that your husband can see and he will think you do something besides sitting around eating bon bons and watching soap operas.

Need to get to work – I  have a large order I need to get out, of course she didn’t pick the patterns I have sitting on the shelf so I have to print them out. Which is a good thing because as the printer is doing it’s work I have a couple of minutes to declutter. A couple of minutes here and there start to add up and before you know it you can see some progress.

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I don’t understand people!

January 21st, 2014

I was raised that you help whenever you can. A situation came up this morning that a lady needed help. My husband’s knowledge of cars is nil. He knows where the gas goes – most of the time. He is out there trying to help do something he knows nothing about and freezing. So, I asked another person if she knew how to jump start a car. Yes, she does but when I asked her to come help her response was not what I expected. She doesn’t like the owner of the car, etc. so she wasn’t going to help. WHAT????

I don’t understand, isn’t it our responsibility to help if we can? No wonder the world is a mess. Today please do a random act of kindness. You never know when you can really impact someone’s life just by doing the very smallest deed.

He couldn’t fix it (no surprise there LOL) but instead took her where she needed to be. Took a couple hours of his time but what a better way to spend your time – doing something for someone when you don’t have to.

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January 20th, 2014

Welcome to my blog. At this point I don’t have a clue what I will write about, but hopefully it will be worth your time and mine. I will try to include a variety of things that will lift you up, motivate you, teach you something and amuse you.

First let me introduce myself. I am a mother, grandmother, wife, believer in God, pattern designer and like most everyone else – a generally confused mess. LOL. I am a combination of a lot of opposites, for example I am an optimist pessimist. I always hope and expect the best but in reality I am reasonably certain that I won’t be as successful as I had hoped. I am also a disorganized organizer. I am the queen of clutter (one pile away from a hoarder) but chances are I can tell you where everything is – most of the time. I find that when I start to organize and put things where they logically belong I can never find them. According to those who love me I am very talented, but really I am just average. If I can do it anyone can do it. But the opposite is sometimes I am a little conceited and think more highly of myself than I should, but then I try to remember that “pride goes before a fall” and I burst my own little bubble.

More later.



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